8 Amazing Android Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know About

8 Amazing Android Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know About

How well do you know your android smartphone? Each latest version of Android adds new features you have no idea about. Here are some of the unique lesser known features every Android user should make use of :

Restrict Data Usage

If smartphone was a human, the internet could be compared to the human brain. Most of the smartphone features go in vain without an internet connection. But how much of internet usage too much? Android lets you decide this by setting an upper bound to your data usage. This feature is present in app settings menu.

Convert a Web Page to PDF

Google chrome is the most used browser for android phones. By using this feature of google chrome, you can store any web page contents as a PDF on your phone. Go to the share menu in the top right corner and choose the print option.

Simpler Way To End a Call

Most of the time without our knowledge, our thumb is near the power button while we take a phone call. How to make use of this? You can enable the power button to end calls. Go to call settings and assign power button to stop calls.

Pin Screen

There are times at which we have to lend our phone to someone else. In this case, you can limit their access to your personal space by enabling the screen pinning option. It is present right in the settings menu.

Convert Text to Speech

Are you bored of reading from your phone screen? You can now listen to any of the incoming information on your phone which is in text format. Head to Settings -> Accessibility and turn on the Text-to-Speech Output option.

Android Casting

They have a built-in Chromecast mirroring. By using this option, you can broadcast your phone or tablet’s display to the larger television screens. You will find a Cast option in the Quick Settings pane. Enable this option to cast your android phone display.

Simultaneously Run Multiple Apps

This feature is added to the latest version of Android, Nougat. You can also call it as split screen option. You can use this when you want to multitask with different apps. Double tap on the Overview button and choose the recently used app you want to see. Hold and drag the app’s title bar to the top or left of the display. Now choose another open app to appear on it.

Choosing Default Apps

This feature is one of the major difference between iOS and Android. You can set any app of your choice as the default app for various tasks like browsing, photo editing, calling or messaging. This app will open by default when you want to try and do some related activity on your phone.

Ex: If you click on a hyperlink you received on WhatsApp, your default browser will direct you to the link.

Start using these useful Android features now. We will get back to you with more exciting features as soon the next version of Android hits the market.