We had already talked about this during the test of the iPhone 8,2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Announced last September, it is November 3rd that finally released the new iPhone X, jewel of the California brand for this end of year and next year. To mark the occasion, the iPhone X offers a brand new design. This is done through a screen that covers the entire front surface. But that’s not all, since the Cupertino firm has also chosen to do without the eternal welcome button and TouchID to favour face recognition with FaceID. Available at the price of 1159$ in 64GBRead More →

Is there someone who is tracking my whereabouts via internet? If yes, what are the type of information they have access to? The answer to these questions is, yes you are being tracked on the internet by several entities. The kind of information they have access to depends on the level of security you have and their authorization to access information. Google Ads utilize your location and other information to show you ads that you would be interested in. Social media sites might use your information to connect you with people near you. While these organizations impose the least threat to your privacy, the problemRead More →

There are several aspects which have to be considered before hiring a tech blogger. Apart from being a skilled blogger he/she must have a sound knowledge of the given niche. The blogger must be capable enough to come up with content that is easy to understand, attractive and informative to the readers. If you are looking forward to hiring the best tech blogger for your website, then you should ask these 20 questions to analyze the overall potential of a bogger? 1.  Tell us about yourself and how did you first get into blogging? 2.  According to you, what are the top three qualities that aRead More →

How well do you know your android smartphone? Each latest version of Android adds new features you have no idea about. Here are some of the unique lesser known features every Android user should make use of : Restrict Data Usage If smartphone was a human, the internet could be compared to the human brain. Most of the smartphone features go in vain without an internet connection. But how much of internet usage too much? Android lets you decide this by setting an upper bound to your data usage. This feature is present in app settings menu. Convert a Web Page to PDF Google chromeRead More →