Essential for any website wanting to go online, the right web hosting can be hard to pick considering the huge amount of services offered. To make sure you choose the right web host for your business, it is important to know the main basics. In this article, we are going to talk about the different types of web hosting and their specificities. What is web hosting and how can it affect the performance of a website? Hosting is one of the essential steps in creating and putting a website online. By hosting your site on a host’s server, it becomes accessible to everyone at any time.Read More →


Operations based on majority control What is blockchain? Mainly, just an accounting entry ledger of digital transactions shared between multiple stakeholders. It can only be updated by consensus between a majority of participants in the system. And, once entered, the information can never be overwritten. Thus, the bitcoin blockchain contains a precise and verifiable ledger or record of every bitcoin transaction ever made. The underlying technology has nothing to do with crypto currencies (or Cryptos Monnaies) which are just an application of the technology! The spectators who agree on the events of the blockchain are in reality “calculation nodes”, tens of thousands of computers geographicallyRead More →


Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship product will be presented next Sunday at an event on the fringe of the Mobile World Congress. Just a few more days to wait before the Samsung Unpacked event, which should of course make the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the new flagships of the world’s number one smartphone. Its presentation will take place next Sunday evening, on the eve of the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. As usual, the main characteristics of the smartphone are already leaking. This is therefore an opportunity to give a brief recap of what we think we know and who should beRead More →


Cleaning, stripping, and dissolving dirt: these are the three primary actions of steam cleaners. Thanks to them, you ensure the maintenance of your entire house, from the floor to the ceiling: tiles, fabric sofas, sanitary facilities, kitchen, but also car interiors, terraces, and gardens. It remains to choose the one that suits you best to bien choisir son nettoyeur vapeur. Easy to move steam cleaners Do you have a targeted cleaning to accomplish? Choose a lightweight, handy and precise steam cleaner like the Karcher SC range. Their heating time is very fast because it is ready within 30 seconds. With its three small brushes, youRead More →

Is there someone who is tracking my whereabouts via internet? If yes, what are the type of information they have access to? The answer to these questions is, yes you are being tracked on the internet by several entities. The kind of information they have access to depends on the level of security you have and their authorization to access information. Google Ads utilize your location and other information to show you ads that you would be interested in. Social media sites might use your information to connect you with people near you. While these organizations impose the least threat to your privacy, the problemRead More →