Galaxy A5 affected by a battery problem in 2017?

Galaxy A5

Galaxy A5 affected by a battery problem in 2017?

One of Samsung’s flagship mobile phone released last year may well suffer from a battery problem. No, we’re not talking about the Galaxy Note 7, we’re talking about the Galaxy A5 2016.
Numerous testimonies have indeed mentioned a battery which, after one year of use, would start to inflate and affect the autonomy of the device.

Not the first similar issue!

battery of the samsung devicePhone batteries seem to be a headache for Samsung. After the saga of Note 7 last year, it is the turn of another phone of the brand, the Galaxy A5 2016, to be the target of new accusations. Last year’s “Galaxy Note 7’s gate”, whose record-breaking range and balanced performance in our test, would be prone to unannounced battery swelling. Last week we received three testimonials from three different users complaining about this problem on their device purchased in the previous year.

The story is similar to almost everyone who contacted us: after 12 or 15 months of use, the phone battery starts to swell, and the machine’s autonomy is significantly affected. This problem is all the more troublesome because the mobile phone has earned itself a reputation as a smartphone with unbeatable autonomy. For some, this causes the phone to shut down while the battery gauge indicates 20,35,50 or even 75%, while for others, the battery inflates enough to take the rear hull out of its hinges and make the mobile inoperative.

The problem here is that the warranty is only 12 months for the battery. However, some users explain that they have had entirely different experiences, with some of them having been billed for support, while others have had the battery or phone changed for free. On the official forums of the brand, other users express their dissatisfaction by telling more or less the same story about a phone that started to have problems after the battery warranty period. The first testimony from last June, 16 months after the mobile phone was released.

A recurring problem?

We contacted Samsung, who explained that there are “no known problems on the A5” and that these concerns could potentially be due to the use of unauthorized chargers or shocks to the phone. On the Samsung forum, we advise people experiencing this problem to contact the brand’s customer service department and give as much information as possible about the issue.

It is difficult to say at this time if the problem is widespread. Of the millions of mobile phones sold, it is almost sure that some units will encounter problems. With these rare cases, Samsung is fortunately far from the Galaxy Note 7 affair. Don’t panic, then. To follow up on this case, however, we have created a survey to measure the problem for our readers. Do not hesitate to answer them and detail your situation in the comments.