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Successful marketing is essential. It concerns all types of organizations, companies of course, but also associations or administrations. Marketing aims to know a population, a target group to offer a product or service that meets its expectations. The next step is to propose a coherent policy.

Marketing Types

Find below our selection of the best courses on strategic marketing, market research or operational marketing.

  • Strategic and operational marketing
  • Human Resources Marketing
  • Territorial marketing
  • Trade marketing concepts
  • Tourism marketing
  • Fundamentals of Marketing

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Marketing Foundations, History and Principles

General Marketing (courses)
Distribution policy
Key marketing concepts
The 4pilars of the marketing mix
Methodology and Presentations – Case Studies

Find several examples of marketing presentations and case studies to download for free.

Development of a marketing plan

Marketing mix of tourism sector
Acute Corporate Marketing Plan
Marketing approach of the company Tesla
The marketing mix of the dairy plant
Marketing Courses by Professors

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How to do market research?

The marketing approach
Product policy
Marketing Courses

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Advertising communication
The composition of the product and service offer
Selling to individuals
Arguments in a sales situation