Steam cleaners will make you happy in 2017


Steam cleaners will make you happy in 2017

Cleaning, stripping, and dissolving dirt: these are the three primary actions of steam cleaners. Thanks to them, you ensure the maintenance of your entire house, from the floor to the ceiling: tiles, fabric sofas, sanitary facilities, kitchen, but also car interiors, terraces, and gardens. It remains to choose the one that suits you best to bien choisir son nettoyeur vapeur.

Easy to move steam cleaners

apfjapdsjihuerdsteqmnjieieieieieDo you have a targeted cleaning to accomplish? Choose a lightweight, handy and precise steam cleaner like the Karcher SC range. Their heating time is very fast because it is ready within 30 seconds. With its three small brushes, you can remove any stains, on the fabric of your sofa or the credence of your kitchen. You also have impeccable windows thanks to its squeegee.

Same applies to the steam cleaner Domena Ecoflor. Its 1.3-litre tank capacity allows you to clean an entire room without recharging it. It is easy to move because it has wide wheels. You can also grab its handles and lift it up. On the outside, it removes debris from your garden furniture or allows you to clean the rims of your car.

Multipurpose cleaners

The interest of a vacuum-steam-cleaner like the Vaporetto Lecoaspira AS is to allow you to clean the whole house without a single drop of detergent. With the suction function, the unit stores dust and has a high-performance filtration system: allergies will appreciate it. Its steam function then sanitizes all your surfaces. Thanks to its extension and telescopic tubes, you can track dirt in every nook and cranny. Finally, its multiple tips offer you a wide range of cleaning possibilities: a floor brush to respect the wood, soft duster, or a microfiber bonnet for a perfect finish to your windows. Last but not least, it has unlimited autonomy.
A very clear encouragement to continue your cleaning!

Intelligent steam cleaners!

fafosnwfoenweioirruytrytyyyyySteam is also used for ironing. And your Vaporetto VT Evolution Kit steam cleaner understands this. That’s why he relies on a brilliant accessory: an iron to attach to your steam cleaner. You are now equipped with a device two in one!

If you have back problems and need a steam cleaner that’s both handy and high-performance, choose the Dirt Devil M380 Vaporex Dirt Devil steam cleaner. With its 4.5 kilos, it goes with you everywhere. It is ideal for cleaning your garden furniture or your car. It also has a specific device to maintain a constant pressure. So your cleaning is perfect from start to finish.

Some steam cleaners also have an automatic reminder. The length of your wire counts for a lot if you move your device, especially outdoors. The Vaporetto VT Forever Prestige Vaporetto VT Forever has a rewind cord, which also allows you to store your equipment very quickly. And your wire never hangs on the ground!