Top 20 Interview Questions to Ask When You Interview a Tech Blogger

Top 20 Interview Questions to Ask When You Interview a Tech Blogger

There are several aspects which have to be considered before hiring a tech blogger. Apart from being a skilled blogger he/she must have a sound knowledge of the given niche. The blogger must be capable enough to come up with content that is easy to understand, attractive and informative to the readers. If you are looking forward to hiring the best tech blogger for your website, then you should ask these 20 questions to analyze the overall potential of a bogger?

1.  Tell us about yourself and how did you first get into blogging?

2.  According to you, what are the top three qualities that a successful tech blogger must possess?

3.  How is your blogging style unique from the several other tech blogs?

4.  What are the other qualities that you possess which help you stand out among other top-notch tech bloggers?

5.  Why do you think people should take time out from their schedule to read a tech blog?

6.  How do you work on your networking capabilities to invite more traffic to the blog?

7.  What kind of work environment suits the best for you to bring out attractive articles?

8.  Would you like to take up blogging as your full-time profession? Or do you want to keep it as a hobby?

9.  What are things you do in order to keep yourself updated with the latest tech innovations and other news?

10. What are the strategies you have adopted to attract more traffic to your blog and how did they work for you?

11. What are the other tech projects you would like to work on?

12. Which is the toughest technical challenge you have faced and how did you overcome the situation?

13. Many people consider blogging as an easy way to make money online. What is your view on this opinion?

14. Which is the latest tech project you worked on? How did it change your perception of various aspects of technology?

15. Tell us about one of your projects that did not shape up as you expected. How did you handle the situation?

16. If we assign you a task to write about one of the most recent technologies, how will you get started with it? What are the areas you would discuss in the article?

17. Which are some of your most favorite and least favorite tech products? Why?

18. Who is your role model from the top technocrats? Why?

19. Do you follow other tech bloggers, podcasts or websites? Apart from you, who else do you think to be doing a great job as tech blogger?

20. What are your views on open source technologies? Are you active on sites like GitHub, StackOverflow, W3School etc? Have you made any contributions there?

The confidence with which the candidate will introduce about him/her will tell you a lot about their personality.
Further, give them enough time to answer each question. See if their answers are short yet to the point. If you have any queries or suggestions, leave them in the below comments section!